You’ve Been Moved!


Yes, you’ve been moved, and you didn’t feel a thing did you?

While you were sleeping the Happiness Engineers at WordPress kindly picked you all up, bundled you into a container and moved you all over here.

I’ve just moved from to a self hosted site ( and I thought it only fair that you all come along with me. You’ve all been such good friends and I didn’t want to leave you all wandering around without a home, knocking on strange blog doors to find a new travel site.

The technology required to make this move has caused a good degree of drama on my part and a few sleepless nights as I grappled with domain names, exporting, importing, Jetpacks and widgets but I think we’re about ready to open the doors.

There are still a few things to be done as I add and alter a few pages etc. and although the focus will still be predominantly travel I’m going to be adding a few new areas of discussion. Please stay with me as I continue to play around with the layout/format etc and any suggestions will always be greatly appreciated.

I hope you like your new address and please get some friends to pop along as well – the place is big enough for all of you.





  1. Oh no- I can’t handle another move! I just moved from Boston to Marco Island in Florida and now you want me to make another move. You’re just going to have to help me unpack a box if you want this kind of loyalty!

    • I’m more than willing to help with the unpacking but I’d have thought you’d have got it down to a fine art by now with all the travels you’ve been on recently ;-)

  2. Hi Pam, well what a surprise. I’ll hop aboard the truck and see where it goes…

    Why the change?

    • Just taking it to the next step Pauline. I’ve changed my pages a bit and have started hiring myself out for talks, I’ve got my first at the local library in a couple of weeks time. Just to see where it takes me :-)


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