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I’ve done a lot with my life and, apart from my family, the things that I’m most proud of are those that have taken me outside my comfort zone. Those that have made me face my demons, my fears and my preconceived ideas and those that people have said I ‘couldn’t do,’ ‘shouldn’t do’ or ‘wouldn’t succeed in.’

My two daughters were both under five when we took off around Europe in a campervan for three months on a very tight budget, I spent fifteen years studying hard for my PhD and I worked hard and saved hard for all the trips that I’ve taken. Last year I trained my butt off for my trek to Everest Base Camp.

But I continually get comments like ‘oh, I wish I could do that,’ or ‘it’s too late for me to do something like that.’ Even those many years younger than me often don’t believe they can achieve these things.

I am here to tell you, quite emphatically, that life is too short to do nothing out of the ordinary and it’s never too late to start.

With the right attitude, some imagination and a bit of planning, you can get out there and live life!

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