April is fast approaching!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, yes, we need to get through Christmas and the New Year first, but really, April is only 5 months away!!

That’s how long it is to the Wanderlust Women’s Everest trek.


I know there are a few of you out there who are ummming and ahhhhing about whether to actually step outside that little comfort zone you’ve created for yourself and come with us, but now’s the time to jump in and make a commitment.

And to encourage you – if the trip itself isn’t going to be awesome enough as it is – we have an added incentive.

If you book before 8th November you’ll receive a $250 voucher to help with buying your gear from Paddy Pallin.

Along with Brice & Turner Travel Associates we’re running this trek in conjunction with World Expeditions and, for the month of October (well, up to 8th November apparently), if you book this trek they’ll give you a whopping $250 to help out with all your gear.

So, I know you’re out there.

You’re the ones who are thinking about it, deliberating as to whether you can or not, whether you should or not.

Can you afford it? Can you get time off work? Can you leave the family for that length of time? Can you cope with the trek? Will you enjoy it?

Stop deliberating and cogitating and making excuses. Here’s your perfect opportunity to jump, leap, clamber or barge your way through those barriers that you’ve surrounded yourself with and make that commitment.

And when you do we’re going to reward you with this great offer.

Go on – DO IT!!

Call Shelley at Brice & Turner on: 08 93042933

or Freecall: 1800 605 044

or email; shelley_brice@travel-associates.com.au



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