It’s the start of a brand new year and there’s big things on the horizon for me.

To start with I’m in full planning mode for my trip in May and it’s going to be a BIG trip with lots of highlights.

There’s a weekend retreat to kick it off, a 10 day walk along Hadrian’s Wall, a summit of Ben Nevis (contrary Scottish weather permitting), five days of day walks in the wild and windswept Orkney Islands, ten days in England with more walks being scheduled and a week in Paris (possibly to recover from all the walking with wine and cheese and pastries and all things French) and they’re only the main bits, I’m sure there’ll be lots of exciting things happening in between these.


Walk With Me

And the most exciting thing as far as I’m concerned is that I’m taking you all along with me. No, I’m not paying to fly you all over there and actually, literally, physically walk with me but I’m taking you all along through the wonders of social media and my Walk With Me project. You’ll get to see it all, from my training here in Perth to the famous wall that the Roman Emperor Hadrian had built (to keep out those damned barbarians) and the wilds of the Orkney Islands. If you’re lucky I might even take you to Paris with me to wander the streets and over indulge in the culinary delights of that city.

Hadrians Wall

So how will this work?

Come take a virtual walk with me.

Blog posts

Before I go I’ll be keeping you updated with regular blog posts, I’ll give you some info on the places that I’ll be visiting and I’ll let you know how the training is going.


If you’re not already following Travellingbag on Facebook then please hit that button on my home page or just pop on over to Facebook and follow me here.

This is where most of the action will be happening while I’m away. You’ll be getting lots (and probably lots more) of photos, I’ll be doing videos for you to show you exactly where I am and what I’m doing and with a bit of technological luck I’m thinking some Facebook live sessions may be coming your way.

I’ll also be continuing my Postcards from Pam series from these far flung places. Most of these will be actual postcards that I’ll buy and ‘post’ to you on social media while a few may be constructed by me from my photos.


Likewise, if you’re not following my Instagram feed here’s the link to get you over there.

I just love Instagram, it’s so easy to use and I’ll be able to share some stunning photos with you of the amazing scenery that I’ll be stumbling hiking through.


In late March I’ll be holding a Walk With Me evening here in Perth (sorry non Perth people). This is intended to become a series of evenings, or daytime meetings where I’ll walk you through some of the places that I’ve hiked.

The first one will be Walk With Me: An Evening in the Himalayas and I’ll let you know as soon as the date is scheduled in (another reason if you needed one to follow me on Facebook or Instagram). Once I return from my Scottish jaunt I’ll put together some more evenings on the Hadrian’s Wall Walk and walking in the Orkney’s and I’m intending it to become a regular thing, so stay tuned.

Future walks

If anyone is interested in actually physically walking with me for an hour, half a day or a full day here in Perth please get in touch. I’m offering exclusive one on one guided walks where you’ll have the freedom to think, the benefit of my experience both in hiking and in changing your future and the time to talk things through and bounce ideas off someone who’s actually been there.

There are long term plans afoot (just realised the pun there) for some Walk With Me walks in the South West of the state and in the UK in the future.

So now I hope you’re all looking forward to this trip as much as I am, stay tuned and we’ll talk again soon.




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