I don’t think it’s any secret that I love to travel.

My favourite topic of conversation is travel in all its different forms and I’d be quite happy to just drop everything at any time and take off for distant lands.

And I think at this stage I’d be quite happy and confident enough to travel just about anywhere in the world by myself.


It hasn’t always been this way. There were many times in my earlier days when I couldn’t or wouldn’t have dreamt of travelling by myself or visiting places that I felt were too culturally different or that were likely to pose problems regarding language or food. I guess I felt inadequate if I couldn’t communicate and the thought of eating anything other than the traditional western meat and three veg that I’d been brought up on had me adhering to an Anglo-Saxon travel itinerary.

I look back now and realise the opportunities that probably passed me by because I had so many self-imposed barriers surrounding me that I couldn’t bring myself to fight my way through. ‘I can’t’ was always a well used phrase in my vocabulary.


Not any more.

I’ve grown, I’ve knocked down those barriers, I’ve expanded my world – literally – and visited places by myself that I’d never have considered visiting before, even if I was travelling with someone else.

And I’ve felt comfortable doing it.

I guess my travel growth phase started back in 2004 when, newly divorced after 30 years of marriage, I travelled by myself for the very first time at the age of fifty. I flew to London and then navigated my way, via public transport, to Canterbury to meet up with a group of Australians that I was helping my PhD supervisor to lead around the sites of Roman Britain.

It may not seem much but for me it was a major undertaking and a major achievement and it was to set me off on a lifestyle of adventure.

Fast forward to 2013 and I somehow found myself travelling solo to Nepal and navigating my way around the confusing myriad of streets that makes up Kathmandu – I was dealing with a culture and a lifestyle far removed from my own and revelling in it.


This type of place and culture was so far off my radar in my earlier years that it might as well not have even been in the same solar system.

As I write this I’m thinking that I’m not the only one who’s struggled with their confidence when it comes to travelling solo and maybe I can help out here.

My mindset has changed dramatically and I’ve broken down barriers that were a long time in the making and firmly entrenched in my mind, solidified by years and years of thinking that things were beyond me. I stubbornly held on to the belief that I couldn’t.

But then I did … and so can you.



So if you’re struggling with self-esteem and the confidence to get out there and explore the world, if you’ve got those barriers surrounding you that just won’t let you through you’re not alone.

Let’s chat and I can help you through. There’s a big wide world out there and I know that there’s somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go, something you’ve always wanted to do and somewhere you’ve always wanted to see.

As a travel mentor I can help your through those barriers, together we can begin by stepping over them and before you know it you’ll be knocking them down to get to where you want to go.

Get in touch and we’ll work on it together.


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