A recent conversation on Facebook with a fellow travel addict raised the issue of how we all see things so very differently, how different destinations, different landscapes, different activities appeal to different people and how what one traveller may consider a boring landscape may see another revelling in its beauty.

I mean, and don’t shoot me here, but I consider the landscape of the Australian outback rather boring and the last thing I would want to do is sit looking at its never endingness out of a train window for hours on end – put me on a plane and get me there if I’m crossing the continent.

I do get the beauty of its colours and the uniqueness of the vast areas of the uninhabited canvas that Australia possesses, but at the same time I need something to spark my attention, something to wonder at, to consider its history or its power or its past.

Others, I know, absolutely love that same vista that I can take or leave.

I love buildings in a landscape, in a cityscape or a village setting. I love old buildings and falling down buildings, I love the ruins of the past, the physical history of a place and the buried history of communities that once existed and no longer do.

Roman history

I love delving into what was and roaming the remains that still sit as evidence of the past.

Maybe you could consider me a historical traveller or a travelling historian but my travel itineraries certainly aren’t limited to areas of historical significance. If I’m doing landscape travel give me coastal scenery, calm and serene in one part of the world, wild and powerful in others or mountains or Lakelands – varied I think is the word, I like a varied and changing landscape.

Cape to Cape walk

So tell me, can you sit for hours on end looking at unchanging landscapes or does your view of the world need a bit of action and variety?


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