As the time gets closer to me heading off on my trip to walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall and do some wild walking in the windswept Orkney Islands, I can’t help but sometimes ask myself why I travel as much as I do. Why on earth do I feel compelled to wander far from my home turf and take on what, to many others, is unnecessary strenuous treks when I could be lounging around a pool, sipping cocktails in a luxury resort.

Basically, that’s just not my type of holiday. Don’t get me wrong there will be some relaxing and there will be cocktails and wine and good food, but the majority of the time I’ll be hiking and self-catering and coping with whatever the place throws at me.

As I train I’m spending a lot of time walking, I’m generally by myself with only my playlist pumping through my headphones, so I get to do a lot of thinking. I can become quite introspective at times and get all psychoanalytical with myself if I’m not careful.

Through all the thinking and the analysing and the talking to myself though, I don’t think I’ve come up with a definitive answer yet as to why I enjoy doing something a little bit out of the ordinary.

There’s lots of reasons – scenery, culture, lifestyle, but I think that most times that I travel, it’s the locals who have made the biggest impression on me. During my treks in to Everest Base Camp the Nepalese people really made the experience so much better, they are such a genuinely warm and welcoming nation.

Travelling allows us to connect with people of widely differing cultures and backgrounds and opens our eyes to an entirely different life than the one we’re used to. It really makes us question our outlook and our preconceived prejudices.

Here are a few of the beautiful people that I met on my last trek. Namaste.

EBC trek near Namche



Everest trekking porter

Everest trekking porter


Anan, Lok and Prasant – our guides for the Everest Base Camp trek.

EBC trek

We managed to get all of our guides to pose together for this one!

EBC trek

Our kitchen staff having lunch – they gave us a cooked meal, picnic fashion this particular lunchtime.

Who are some of the people that stand out for you on your past travels?


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