The southern tip of Western Australia

It’s spring in the south west of Western Australia. A perfect time and place to get in a bit of rest, relaxation and writing and maybe even a bit of training for next year. There’s still eight months to go and I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m getting somewhere with the whole fitness thing but a change of scenery for a few days certainly won’t hurt.

I’ve got the opportunity to spend a few days at my own private retreat, aka, my brother’s place in Cowaramup, so I thought I’d make the most of it. Cowaramup may not necessarily spring to mind when you think of the south west of Western Australia, but maybe if I say Margaret River many of you will know where I’m talking about.

Cowaramup (known locally as Cow Town, although the name has nothing to do with cows) is only a few minutes south of Margaret River, It’s a beautiful area with lots of world class wineries and foodie type places and my brother and sister-in-law have lived here for a few years now. It’s quite handy really, only about three hours from home, the perfect distance for a weekend. So far they haven’t minded when I’ve wanted to get away for a few days and ‘dropped in’ on them, need to be careful not to wear out my welcome though :-).

This time I’ve got the place to myself, they’ve taken off north for a couple of weeks to try and catch a bit of warm weather and have kindly offered me the place as a bit of a retreat to try and get some writing done. It doesn’t matter how disciplined I try and be with my writing, when I’m at home trying to write on the weekend there is always something else to claim my attention.

Working full time means that I have to fit the housework, gardening, shopping etc in, as well as find a bit of time for writing. Doesn’t always happen I’m afraid. I always seem to come up with a lot of excuses for not writing.

I figured that coming down here, away from those distractions could serve two purposes, I should be able to come up with some inspired writing (hmmmm) and this is also the perfect area to do some bush walks in preparation for THE TRIP.

Note to self: stop procrastinating. Stop writing blog posts, stop checking blog stats, stop reading everyone else’s brilliant blogs and start writing what you came down here to write (more on that later, my loyal followers).

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