Paris in July: A surprising discovery.

Not a long post this one but I had to share, and how appropriate for Paris in July. It’s always surprising the places that you stumble across when you’re not even looking.

This morning I had to go into the city of Perth. I don’t go very often, there’s never much need to, but today I had to go boot shopping (more about that later) and I ventured further up Hay St than I normally do.

After becoming completely befuddled by the whole array of gear available for trekkers (and the cost, incidentally) I was in desperate need of a coffee. There was a coffee shop a couple of doors away, excellent, I could sit and mull over my options in regard to the boots.

Well, did I find a gem – a FRENCH coffee shop. And I mean a PROPER FRENCH coffee shop. The owners are French, several of the waitstaff are French and the food is French.

This coffee shop, sorry Boulangerie & Patisserie, is called Jean Pierre Sancho and has apparently been in Perth since 2010. Its origins lie in the medieval town of Lodeve in the South of France, where the Sancho bakery has been in existence since 1904.

Apart from the Hay St establishment, there is one in St Georges Tce and another in Northbridge. When I’d finished my shopping I did go back and by a baguette to take home for lunch, I resisted the tempting array of pastries, but next time I might have to treat myself – for there will be a next time. If you’re anywhere near, I would highly recommend a visit.


  1. Wha t great discovery. Wish I was nearby! Have a pastry for me next time you visit.

    • I certainly will Kathryn – that just gives me an excuse to maybe have two :-)

    • Thank you so much Christina, I will certainly be popping by to pick it up. Is it heavy? Will I need help to carry it :-)

      • LOL! Thanks for the giggle! It’s actually pretty light considering…. :p

  2. Great recommendation! We’ve been to the Partisan in East Perth last weekend for breakfast. The food was good (although perthly priced if you know what I mean), but not particularly French. I know, breakfast isn’t a big deal in France traditionally…anyway, have you been to the place? I’ll definitely try the cafe, it sounds terrific!

    • Thanks for the heads up on the Partisan. I haven’t been but I must try it – I quite like going out for breakfast, a bit of an indulgence, particularly on these beautiful crisp mornings.


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