Everest Memorial

Margaret River, WA

Kathmandu Rooftops


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Arthur’s Seat: climbing a dormant volcano

Arthur’s Seat: climbing a dormant volcano

Arthur's Seat. It’s a weird name for a hill and no one can really agree on where it came from or what it means but all the same, it’s a hill, I was there and it needed climbing. You know me by now, put a hill or a mountain in my way and I have to go up it. Edinburgh...


A Scottish Sojourn

A question for you. How many times have you visited some great spot on your travels and told yourself that you really have to go back there someday? How many times have you seen photos of that place on T.V/social media/magazines and thought to yourself, 'yes, I really...

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Avon Walk Trail, York

Just a short post for you today, about a short walk. My current house sitting gig has taken me to a beautiful spot on the outskirts of York in Western Australia. For those who aren't from around here and not familiar with the area, York is an inland town in the...

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My new business venture

Where it all began My life, with apparently very little conscious thought on my part, has taken some very interesting twists and followed some very unexpected paths - particularly since I turned forty. Things all started off pretty normally, well, what I considered...

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