Five years ago I wrote myself a list.

I was approaching sixty and I wrote a sort of Bucket List of places I wanted to visit before I turned seventy *said very, very quietly so no one heard me.* I called it my sixties list.

A few days ago I came across that list.

Now to start with I don’t like the term Bucket List, it tends to imply that the said bucket is in imminent danger of being kicked, and it certainly isn’t, there’s going to be a lot going on before any kicking gets done.

I prefer to call it my ‘Travel List’ or my ‘To Do List’ or my ‘Must Go There List’ or yes, my ‘Sixties List.’


Now, anyone with a reasonable grasp of maths will have figured out that, if five years ago I was approaching sixty then now I guess I’m approaching sixty-five (there’s still 8 months to go so don’t rush me). No matter how much I ignore the fact, birthdays do happen but as you know my philosophy is to take them with a pinch of salt, just because there’s a specific year written on that bit of paper we call a birth certificate doesn’t mean that we have to be constrained by the fact that everything stems from there.

We’re here to live and make the most of life so let’s do that.

Well anyway, five years ago my list looked like this:

  • Everest 60th anniversary trek.
  • Morocco
  • Cinque Terre
  • House Swap – Canada
  • Paris (again)
  • Peru – Hike the Inca Trail and explore the ruins of Macchu Pichu
  • Coast to Coast walk UK
  • Milford Sound New Zealand
  • Antarctic cruise
  • Cappadocia
  • Istanbul

So, how have I gone?

Deplorably actually, I’ve still a fair way to go to achieve all of those but here’s where I’m at:

  • I completed the Everest 60th anniversary trek to Base Camp and then went back again two years later to do a more difficult trek, which as we all know culminated in that major life event – The Earthquake.
  • I’ve been to Melbourne a couple of times – not on the list but I’ll head to Melbourne at the drop of a hat, love the place.
  • I’ve hiked the Three Capes Track in Tasmania.
  • I’ve hiked the Cape to Cape Track here in Western Australia.
  • I’m heading to the UK next year, not to do the Coast to Coast walk but an equally challenging walk along the length of Hadrian’s Wall.
  • Plans are in place to return to Paris after the UK and stay for a week in an apartment, live the Paris Life.

And you know what, it doesn’t matter that I haven’t ticked off everything on that list or even got reasonably close, because I’m having a ball. I’m living life to the full, experiencing the fun of house sitting, planning next year’s trip and writing my book about my adventures in Nepal.

Should I ever have problems figuring out where to go next (and I seriously doubt that) I can always revisit this list.

Are you a Travel List person?

If so, what’s on your list, are there any places where we coincide?


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