Where it all began

My life, with apparently very little conscious thought on my part, has taken some very interesting twists and followed some very unexpected paths – particularly since I turned forty.

Things all started off pretty normally, well, what I considered normal anyway. I was married at nineteen, as you did in those days, I had my two daughters in my early twenties and we all spent the next twenty years enjoying life. We travelled, we took the girls on a 3 month campervan tour of England and Europe when they were both under five, the eldest still remembers her fifth birthday in Switzerland and the birthday cake she couldn’t eat because it had liqueur in it, and we even moved to the UK for five years and experienced living in another country (love the place, by the way). We camped in Brittany, we threw snowballs near the Jungfrau and we ate ham sandwiches in Venice.

We moved house several times, building new homes in new areas and we always had a project on the go.

Life was good.


But …..

Somewhere in the middle of that well-ordered life there was a glitch, I began to feel restless, I figured there was more out there but I wasn’t sure what. You’ve probably heard all this before from me so, to cut a long story relatively short:

  • I went back to university in my 40th year.
  • After 15 years of part time study I ended up with a PhD – go figure.
  • At 50 I disbanded my marriage of over 30 years.
  • In my 50s I stayed in an Eco lodge in Tasmania, fished for Barramundi in the Ord River (unsuccessfully), took a helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungles, stayed in a small apartment in Rome, luxuriated in a private villa (complete with its own swimming pool) in Crete and was privileged to share a late night cognac with a native Parisian artist and a Serbian architect within sight of the Arc de Triomphe on a rainy Paris evening.
  • To celebrate my 60th birthday I made the dubious yet exciting decision to trek to Everest Base Camp.
  • Even more of a dubious decision was the one to return to the Himalayas less than two years later, take a more difficult route to Everest Base Camp and then hang around in Kathmandu for the major earthquake last year – not a brilliant plan!

EBC trek

Where to next?

So, after all that I shouldn’t be surprised that my life has gone off on another tangent!

Once again I was unsure where my life was going and once again I was restless and I spent quite some time ummming and ahhhing and generally feeling a bit lost. But, as I mentioned to you recently, I had my lightbulb moment and am now heading down a whole new road.

I’m studying to be a certified Life Coach and am thoroughly enjoying the process. The road to gaining this qualification requires a lot of self-examination, a lot of breaking through barriers and tossing aside of limiting beliefs and some serious reflection on my skills, my abilities, what I am actually capable of and what I have to offer other people.

Drum roll please.

So …. To this end I’ve just hit the ‘GO’ button on my new business venture!! Yay! Yippee!

Infinite Horizons has been born out of my own personal experience over the last twenty years, the realisation of what I’m actually capable of and my intense desire to help other women achieve that same understanding about themselves.

To Be the Best that they can Be.

Empowering women

I’m mentoring women who know there is more out there and need to figure out how to find it, I give motivational talks, I’ll be running some Empowerment workshops in the near future and holding some Empowerment Weekends next year. I’m really looking forward to connecting with many of you throughout this interesting journey that I’m taking and would also love it if you can head over to my Infinite Horizons F/B page and hit the like button (website on its way when I get my head around the technical stuff).

I’ll be keeping you updated and would love your thoughts.


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