Making plans not excuses.

Making plans not excuses.

We all need plans. Making plans and following through on them gives us a purpose in life, but so often we have no plan, we’re meandering through life or at least through the next few months with no goal, no aim and therefore no purpose.

And I’m not really talking major life plans here, just what gets us through the next few months or years, just something that we really want to do or achieve or try.

For a long time now I’ve been an advocate of the


school of thought.

Particularly when it comes to travel and adventure, getting out there, having fun,  exploring and experiencing … making memories.

In the contest between material possessions and memories, for me, memories and the making of them wins out every time.

Stop making excuses.

Last year around this time I got somewhat peeved by the amount of comments I was getting in response to my posts on travel and adventure. Many of these people were around my age or younger and they were coming up with all sorts of reasons why they couldn’t travel, why they couldn’t explore, go on adventures, challenge themselves to experience other cultures, other lifestyles.

All of theses reasons were just EXCUSES.

The problems, as most perceived them, always seemed to centre around financial constraints, family needs, lack of a travelling partner and then the big one – AGE.

They were coming up with reasons why they couldn’t rather than figuring out how they could.

No, you’re not too old!

Not too old

I countered all of these arguments in a blog post but that last one, ‘I’m too old,’ still gets me riled. Far too many people fall back on age as a valid reason for not doing, not going, not experiencing, not living.

True, the numbers on our birth certificate tell us that we were born in a specific year and, yes, each year we add another number on to our age. Okay – so be it! But that doesn’t mean that we have to be defined by those numbers and use them as a limitation.

Those numbers should be a validation that, actually, we can get out there and do whatever we damn well please.

I fell into that trap.

But I’m getting off track here. As I said I get really annoyed when so many people make excuses as to why they can’t do what they’d like to do, so it was a bit of a shock when I realised that I was falling into that trap and starting to do the same.

I suddenly heard myself. I was making an excuse. I was saying ‘I can’t because ….’

My main excuse, like most of us, is financial. There’s not many people who have the luxury of unlimited funds allowing them to indulge in travelling, exploring and experiencing as much as their heart desires whenever their heart desires it.

It’s a sad fact of life that generally we have to earn the money before we can spend it. It’s also a good test for us, we have to learn to get the most out of every travel dollar.

Thinking positive thoughts.

When I listened to myself and heard that excuse come out of my mouth I realised that I had to start coming at this from a different direction. I had to start thinking positive instead of negative.

By thinking that I couldn’t do another hike soon, by accepting that I would have to stop wanting to do another hike soon I was beginning to fall into a hole.

I’ve been in these holes before, focusing on what I couldn’t do, getting annoyed, upset, disappointed and generally pissed off with life because it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go.

The only way out of these holes is to climb out. To focus on what you want to happen and then make it happen.

Focus and make a plan.

I had to tell myself to start making plans and stop with the excuses.

So now I’m focusing on what I want to happen and I will make it happen. I just need to check on the logistics, make a plan and I’ll be right back to explain.

What’s your plan for the next few months?

Going anywhere nice? Doing anything exciting? Are you being adventurous and stepping outside your comfort zone?

FYI – ‘no’ is not an acceptable answer.


    • It’s definitely about emitting positive thoughts rather than negative.

  1. Ok, 6 weeks in Britain when Miss T finishes the HSC- 6 years in the planning & saving. Then I’m working to save for Bali in May with hubby & Milford Track next November as a pre 50 challenge. Seriously, how hard can it all be?
    Jo Tracey recently posted…Where in the world?My Profile

    • Brilliant – so glad to see you’ve got it all under control Jo 🙂 The Milford Track and other treks in NZ are definitely high on my list.

      • chonak, I guess the retired priest should be working the circuit in the Catskills rather than celebrating Mass in a parish. I certainly don’t mind a priest injecting humor, when appropriate, into his homily, but to tell a joke during the Post-Communion time seems very strange.

      • Hi to all ! I’ve been struggling with my weight for a while now and i have made my mind up. I want to be healthy, look healthy and feel good in my own skin…keep me in ur prayers just so i wont feel like quiting or wanting to give up.

  2. We just did the Abel Tasman hike in NZ with my 78yo Dad – that was inspiring!

    • That sounds amazing Emma – I’m itching to get over to NZ and do one of the hikes over there.

    • Mais non, màc, Grouès, quand il était député, a refusé qu’on amnistie les collaborateurs mineurs. Rien que pour cela, vous lui devez le respect.Pour la charité, beurk, c’est catho, c’est caca, comme vous le diriez si bien.

  3. I always have a plan and something to look forward to in life. However sometimes I do get a bit unmotivated, but soon lift myself up again. My husband and I are travelling to Tassie next month for a 2 weeks tour in a rented campervan. Also we have a cruise booked for next January out of Singapore sailing around some of the Asian countries, a lot of which we have already been to. Then I have a girl’s holiday planned in February to Bangkok and Krabbi. So lots of plans ahead! Nice article Pam.
    Kathy Marris recently posted…How to Survive Life with your Semi-Retired PartnerMy Profile

    • Thanks Kathy. You certainly seem to have the next few months sorted, that’s what I like to hear :-)The campervan trip around Tassie sounds particularly appealing to me.

  4. I’ve read this one before but it’s great evergreen content and it was good to be reminded of a couple of things this morning – like stop saying you’re too old!
    Jo recently posted…Everyday Style ideas for FrocktoberMy Profile

    • Thanks Jo – I think we all need constant reminders, which is why we have this great on line community going here. It’s great to be able to keep motivating each other xx

  5. I love, love, love this post! I hate hearing people making excuses for things they haven’t done or think they can’t do. We are busy making plans to travel around Australia full time when our kids finish school in two years time. We can’t wait to see all our planning pay off!
    Melissa @ All Around Oz recently posted…Glamping vs. CampingMy Profile

    • Thanks for your support Melissa, it’s great to hear about your plans, it sounds amazing.

  6. Great post. It is so easy to say “I can’t” for whatever the reason. We have a couple of travel plans coming up next May and July, and as my husband is retiring in December, there will be lots more plans on our agenda. You don’t have to go far to have time out and enjoy and experience somewhere new.

    • Thanks Jill and yes, you’re so right, in that adventure, fun and time out can be found close to home if you just look. Good luck with your plans for next year.

  7. Don’t be fool or making any excuses with your weakness instead think a better way on how to overcome it like planning the best for you.
    Alvaro Brown recently posted…Spanish English Cognates ReviewMy Profile


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