Top 5 Destinations that I just have to go back to.

Do you think you could narrow down all the places you’ve travelled to and give me your top 5 all time favourite destinations? A few years ago I was invited to do just that. To write this post on my top 5 destinations, the ones I would love to go back to – and I found it incredibly difficult. But, after a few hours of serious thinking back over a lot of years of travel, both international and local, these are the five that I came up with. They’re in no particular order – if I was given a choice I really couldn’t choose between them. I need a disclaimer here: I’m likely to change my mind about this list, probably several times (my prerogative). 1. The Himalayas – Nepal I couldn’t not put this on my list. Up until a couple of years ago I wouldn’t even have considered stepping out of my comfort zone and travelling to a culture so far removed from my own. When I decided to trek to Everest Base Camp though to celebrate my 60th birthday, it was a decision that was to have huge consequences and change my mindset completely. The people and their culture, the chaos of Kathmandu, the incredibly inspiring landscape, all combined to make this one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever been on. The mountains and the incredible calm that descends as you go higher is something that will live with me for ever. What more can I say? I’m was back there again early in 2015 and that was a story in itself, complete with an earthquake. 2. Paris... read more

Holiday accommodation – getting it right.

Finding the right accommodation. When I’m planning a trip, one of the biggest stresses I face (apart from the packing) is finding reasonably priced accommodation to suit my style of travel. Yes, I occasionally love nothing more than the pampering a five star resort can provide but I’m mainly a go, see and do sort of traveller. One who likes to have flexibility and freedom to make or change plans whenever I want to and one who doesn’t want to be dictated to when it comes to what time I can eat or when and where I can sit and have a drink. It’s essential to me, and to most of you I’m sure, to find just the right place when I’m heading off to places distant. Decide what you want. So, first up you need to decide. what sort of accommodation you’re looking for. When my cousin and I decided to spend a month in Europe a couple of years ago our accommodation was something that we put a lot of thought into. We really didn’t want the cost and the restrictions that hotels would impose for the whole month. Hotels can be great but we were after something a bit more relaxed, something that would give us a bit of flexibility, something within our limited budget and somewhere we felt comfortable.                         Taking your shoes off in the lounge and having breakfast in our pyjamas type of comfortable. We talked about it and we both got on to the internet and we finally came up with a good compromise. We would mix self catering in the UK, Paris and Rome with... read more

Ham Sandwiches and Green Glass Horses.

When we travel to new places we do so with preconceived ideas of what we’re going to see and experience. When we think of Paris we think EiffelTower, The Louvre and Notre Dame. When we think of Rome it’s the Colosseum and with Venice it’s St   Marks Square, the Bridge of Sighs and the Grand Canal. That’s what we think before we go and undoubtedly we do remember those iconic places but what do we as individuals bring away from visits to world renowned places? I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris on three separate occasions and what do I think of when I think of that city? I remember camping in the Bois de Bologne campsite with two young children, I remember witnessing a marriage proposal during a meal half way up the Eiffel Tower and I remember being scared experiencing the thrill of driving around the Arc de Triomphe in a campervan. When I think of Switzerland, it’s the walk through the forest that we took the day we free camped in a car park, it’s throwing snowballs in the shade of the Jungrau and it’s the free apricots we were given as part of a festival of apricots in some rural area of the country. Rome brings to mind our 2 year old chasing pigeons at the Vatican on Palm Sunday and grumpy teenage daughters some years later when we visited for the second time on a very hot August day. We headed straight for the Adriatic coast after that visit. In Venice in 1979 I remember my two daughters aged two and five sitting on... read more
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