Top 5 Destinations that I just have to go back to.

Do you think you could narrow down all the places you’ve travelled to and give me your top 5 all time favourite destinations? A few years ago I was invited to do just that. To write this post on my top 5 destinations, the ones I would love to go back to – and I found it incredibly difficult. But, after a few hours of serious thinking back over a lot of years of travel, both international and local, these are the five that I came up with. They’re in no particular order – if I was given a choice I really couldn’t choose between them. I need a disclaimer here: I’m likely to change my mind about this list, probably several times (my prerogative). 1. The Himalayas – Nepal I couldn’t not put this on my list. Up until a couple of years ago I wouldn’t even have considered stepping out of my comfort zone and travelling to a culture so far removed from my own. When I decided to trek to Everest Base Camp though to celebrate my 60th birthday, it was a decision that was to have huge consequences and change my mindset completely. The people and their culture, the chaos of Kathmandu, the incredibly inspiring landscape, all combined to make this one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever been on. The mountains and the incredible calm that descends as you go higher is something that will live with me for ever. What more can I say? I’m was back there again early in 2015 and that was a story in itself, complete with an earthquake. 2. Paris... read more
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