My travel list – the one that keeps getting longer!

My travel list – the one that keeps getting longer!

I hesitate to call it a bucket list – yes, it’s stuff I want to do and places I want to see before I eventually kick the bucket, but the term itself implies the impending kicking of said bucket. I prefer look at it as my ‘Travel List’ or my ‘To Do List’ or my ‘Must Go There List.’ Whatever – it keeps getting longer.

At the beginning of last year I did a post here about the fact that I would be turning sixty before long and that I’d decided to write myself a list of places I wanted to visit in the next ten years (before I turn seventy – *said very, very quietly so no one hears me*).

No matter how hard I tried to ignore the fact and railed against it, that birthday did actually happen last July. I went into a momentary decline, as all the great women of history have felt the need to do at times, but when the stressing and depression got me nowhere I figured I had to drag myself back to reality and just go with the flow. But then I had another birthday in the middle of this year and now I’m a tenth of the way through that ten year period (aaaaaaaagh).

Time to reassess that list.

This is the list as it stood at the beginning of 2013.


  • Everest 60th anniversary trek – May 2013
  • Morocco
  • Cinque Terre
  • House swap – Canada
  • Paris – live in an apartment for a few weeks and do the Australian Writer’s Centre memoir course held there each Autumn.
  • Peru – Hike the Inca Trail and explore the ruins of Macchu Pichu
  • Coast to Coast walk – UK
  • Milford Sound – New Zealand
  • Antarctic Cruise
  • Cappadocia – Turkey
  • Istanbul



I ticked off the top one on the list – I did my trek to the Everest Base Camp and felt enormously proud of myself. I pushed myself, physically and mentally, to a point I didn’t even believe possible and there were times when I’d wondered what the hell I was doing playing adventure woman up there in the Himalayas. I climbed into a tiny helicopter and was transported around and between ever larger mountains as I was taken up and deposited several thousand feet up into the earth’s atmosphere at one of the most dangerous airports in the world. I took several deep breaths and then plunged into a hazard strewn voyage of discovery. Avoiding the onslaught of marauding yaks and the lethal tips of the hiking poles being thrust outwards by other trekkers I traversed suspension bridges slung high above the raging Dudh Kosi, undaunted by the sheer drops down the side of the track I ascended the steep uphill sections to rise to greater heights and I managed to cope with peeing in muddy holes whilst holding my breath and keeping my trousers out of the mire. Refusing to give in and let the mountain get the better of me I forged my way onwards and upwards.

I scrambled, clambered and lurched my way up to a hill called Everest.

I know that was a big one to tick off the list but it’s the only one I’ve managed to tick off in twenty months. I did a trip down to the south of Western Australia over the New Year and I spent a couple of weeks in Melbourne earlier this year for family reasons but only one thing came off my list. And, guess what, I think I’ve added a few more places that I simply have to see.

So, a year into my self imposed ten year itinerary, this is how my list is looking now.


  • Everest Base Camp Trek Tick, May 2013
  • Another Himalayan trek – The Everest Circuit including summiting Gokyo Ri and crossing the Cho La Pass – Scheduled for March 2015
  • Morocco
  • Cinque Terre
  • House swap – Canada
  • Paris
  • Peru – Inca Trail & Machu Pichu – this one’s been extended to include more of South AmericaPlanned for 2016
  • Coast to coast walk UK
  • Hadrian’s Wall walk UK
  • Milford Sound, New Zealand – Now to include a trek – Scheduled for November 2015
  • Antarctic cruise
  • TurkeyIstanbul & Cappadocia
  • Iceland
  • Northern Lights


You may have noticed that I snuck one in there that maybe you weren’t expecting – yes, you saw it correctly, I’m planning another trek in the Himalayas next March, it will either be the Everest Circuit or the Annapurna Circuit. The jury’s still out on that one but bear with me and I may have some exciting news on it soon.

So that’s my next ten years taken care of – what are your plans for the next few years? Do you make travel lists (and stick to them), do you make travel lists (and keep adding to them, like me) or do you just wing it. I’d be interested to know and you never know, one day, we may meet up – somewhere in the world.





  1. Hi Pam glad to see you’re going back to the Himalayas! We’re going again this October – to Mera Peak. We’ve enjoyed training for it as well as connecting with experiences of others over the internet and going to local talks by mountaineers and adventurers to hear about all the amazing things that people do.

    • Hi Emma, you’re right, as the saying goes it’s the journey not the destination. I went to the WE talk by Andrew Lock last week – very motivational, and I’m back into the training. Let me know how Mera Peak goes and good luck with it.

      • We went to the exact same talk! And now I’m reading his book … Mountaineers are fascinating! At the same time I’m also reading a 1953 book that my Mum and Dad have about the Hillary summit of Everest and it’s interesting to compare how similar they are in terms of motivation and how different in terms of equipment

  2. I have list in my mind of where I wish to travel, but if the opportunity comes up to go somewhere that isn’t on my list, I’ll go! This year we planned a trip to Tasmania, but a wedding and an invitation for my husband to play in a music festival saw me travelling to Fiji and the United States 🙂

    • I think that’s the way to go Steph, just to be open to opportunities. You never know where those opportunities might take you – literally & figuratively.

  3. Hi Pam, I’m so glad you’re back into travelling mind and what a list you’ve created. I too would love to go to Turkey, walk more in England, trek in New Zealand and hike the Inca Trail. I’m married to a man who used to do a lot of climbing so we have lots of mountaineering stories in our house 🙂

    • Hi Jo – yes, I’ve just got to make it all happen now. Plans are underway, hopefully I’ll pull it off 🙂 Where did your husband do his climbing?

  4. Hi Pam, you have a very interesting ‘Bucket List’ here. I also adore travelling and have just completed six months travelling around Australia and writing about it. My next adventure I think will be Mexico and the Caribbean in 2015. After that I would love to travel to Italy and may even consider a house swap over there. Cinque Terre in particular appeals to me. Keep travelling and enjoying life!

    • Cinque Terre – yep, on my list. Hope we both get there. So much to see, so little time 🙂



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