I’ve just spent two weeks on holiday.

Yes, I stayed with my daughter in Melbourne but I still did what we all do on holiday – I spent far too much time eating and drinking and piling on those holiday calories.

With my daughter at work and my granddaughter at school I took off most days during the week to do some sightseeing – I’ve finally got the hang of Melbourne’s public transport system, which was a mission in itself.

But, all of this sightseeing required the input of a fair amount of energy inducing calories. Coffee and muffins mid morning (so extensive was my research that I could probably write a thesis on muffin tasting in Melbourne and where to find the best raspberry and white chocolate ones) and lunches with wine in scenic spots.


During those two weeks there was a birthday to celebrate (with cake obviously), when we could we had dinners out and on the weekends lunch took us to the Dandenongs and the Bayside suburbs and it was great and that’s what we do.

It’s part of travelling – eating and drinking in scenic spots, experiencing gastronomic delicacies, local produce and regional wines.

Melbourne food

When we’re away from home something in us says ‘we’re on holiday, calories don’t count,’ and I don’t think there’s too much wrong with that, it’s part of the enjoyment of seeing the world, as long as when we get home, we deal with the consequences.

And that’s what I’m trying to do now – cut the calories and get back into the exercise and training for my upcoming trek to Nepal, to Everest and the Cho La.

This is how I’m trying to do it. I’m no nutritionist so this is by no means expert advice, I just know what tends to work for me.


I’m normally a cereal or toast person for breakfast, but cereal (in my world) needs sugar and toast needs butter and jam. Loads of sugary calories there. This week my breakfast is of the fruit variety, with a cup of green tea. I’ve filled the kitchen and the fridge with bananas, strawberries, rock melon, kiwi fruit and mixed berries.

And I’m enjoying this type of start to the day.



Lunch today was a couple of rice crackers – I love the sundried tomato and basil variety – topped with tomato, cucumber and a small amount of tinned tuna (for the Omega 3 it gives me).


Tomorrow I’ll probably have a green salad with a mixture of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, capsicum and red onion again with some added tuna (herb & garlic).


Last night I had some skinless chicken (and that was very hard for me, the best part of the chicken in my eyes, is the crispy skin). I had a lovely green salad with it and I managed to find my willpower and leave the dressing where it belonged – in the bottle (I’m an absolute sucker for Paul Newman’s ranch sauce).

Tonight it’s a piece of fresh salmon with the salad.

In betweens

I’m a two coffee person most mornings, which is not good because, apart from the caffeine, I need two spoons of sugar in each cup – I simply cannot drink coffee without sugar, I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work for me.


The last two days I’ve managed to cut down to one cup per morning and I ditched half a spoon of the sugar. The aim is to ditch the coffee all together and just go with a herbal tea.

If I get a bit peckish between meals I grab a piece of fruit or a low fat yoghurt. If the fruit’s there I’ll eat it, I just need to make sure that I’ve got plenty in the house and no sugary snacks to tempt me.
wineBut then there’s the issue of alcohol – damn, there’s always something going to trip me up when I try to stick to an eating regime. I’ll try is all I can say, but that bottle in the fridge is a magnet. Maybe if I drink it and then don’t buy any more. We’ll see!!

So, that’s the plan. Add lots of exercise and training – I was out at 6.30 this morning doing the steps – and the calories will, theoretically, drop off me.

With my mind in a positive gear at the moment I can see those little devils jumping from my waist and my hips.

How about you? Do you pile on those calories while you’re on holiday and then try to get rid of them when you get back?

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