Just a short post for you today, about a short walk.

My current house sitting gig has taken me to a beautiful spot on the outskirts of York in Western Australia. For those who aren’t from around here and not familiar with the area, York is an inland town in the Wheatbelt in Western Australia about 90 minutes from Perth with some beautifully restored heritage buildings.

York town hall

It’s such a quiet and peaceful area, particularly where I’m staying, and has some wonderful walks to soak up the countryside calm and leave behind all the city stress.


I’ve been coming to York for a few years now to visit a good friend and every time I’ve driven through the town I’ve seen the sign to the Avon walk trail, and every time I’ve said to myself ‘I really need to go do that walk.’ Needless to say, I never have.

Until last week, when I finally headed down to the Avon river, found the trail (which is extremely easy to find, literally 2 minutes from the main street) and spent a wonderful hour walking along the riverbank. From Avon Terrace just take one of the side roads down to the river, there’s a lovely picnic area with a children’s playground and you’re allowed to park your caravan or campervan overnight if you want to spend some time here. To the left of the grassed area you’ll find the suspension bridge – worthy of a walk across in itself – if you don’t mind a little bit of swaying you’ll get a wonderful view of the river from the middle of the bridge.

River Avon

From the suspension bridge you walk north along the river and can either return the way you came or head back up on to Avon Terrace at the other end of the trail.

This isn’t a very long trail – about 45 minutes return if you’re an average walker, but it’s perfect for just getting out there and enjoying nature.

Avon River walk trail

It’s also a very easy trail that you can just meander down absorbing the peace and quiet.

If you’re here in the west anytime, give it a go.



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