Going Rural

The small country town of York is about an hour an a half east of Perth and it’s a place that I’ve never been to. Not that there’s much there, but it is a quaint olde worlde town that deserves a stopover. I was there yesterday, the beginning of the week, but... read more

Pieces of Perth: The Muse Cafe

A new series of posts I’m hoping to continue … cause … how many of us really see our own city? Yesterday I had reason to visit the city  – Perth that is – and found an amazing café that I didn’t know existed. The Muse Café is lodged... read more

Answer Me This ……

Do you find that getting away from real life for a while, even for just a few days, does you good, do you come back energised and full of enthusiasm? Or does it leave you feeling a bit flat, not sure what to do next? Are we simply masking symptoms with a temporary... read more
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