About Me

Hello there & welcome

You’ve stumbled upon this site so now that you’re here, let me tell you a bit about who you’ve found.

I’m Pam, Pamela or Dr. P depending on who you’re talking to and I’m passionate about so many things. High on the list is travelling, adventuring and exploring; experiencing new people, new places and new adventures and generally making the most of now.

Life is one big adventure and mine has been incredible, from annual seaside summer holidays as a child in England, through emigrating to Australia and a whole new way of life at 13, to trekking to Everest Base Camp to celebrate my 60th birthday.

Amongst other things (over many years) I’ve stayed in an eco lodge in Tasmania (feeding wallabies from the balcony), taken a helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungles and fished for Barramundi (unsuccessfully) in the Ord River. I’ve travelled Europe by campervan, rail and car, spent time camping in Brittany, house swapped in Britain, self catered in Rome and luxuriated in a private villa complete with its own swimming pool on Crete. I’ve even been privileged to share an unexpected late night cognac with a native Parisian artist and a Serbian architect, within sight of the Arc de Triomphe, only hours after succumbing to a taxi strike on a rainy Paris evening.

And there’s still so much out there that I want to see, do and experience, so hop on board and enjoy the ride with me.

[In my other life I’m also a Lifestyle coach and  Wellness consultant so if you want to know more about me and see more of the inspiring and motivating stuff, including workshops and retreats, then check out my business page at: www.infinitehorizons.com.au ]



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