A question for you.

How many times have you visited some great spot on your travels and told yourself that you really have to go back there someday?

How many times have you seen photos of that place on T.V/social media/magazines and thought to yourself, ‘yes, I really must plan a trip back there’?

And how many times have you been speaking to people who’ve been there too and said to them ‘I loved that place, I really need to go back there’?

I can see you all nodding and I must admit I am so, so guilty of this. There are so many places in the world that I’ve visited over the last forty years that I would absolutely love to return to but the world’s a big place and there’s always somewhere to find and explore. I’ve mentioned this quandary of mine before – do I go back to somewhere I know and love or do I find somewhere new?


I could write a list a mile long of countries, cities, attractions and beautiful spots that I want to revisit but next year I finally get to go back to a place that I last visited aeons ago, I’m thinking around 1987. I’m going back to Pitlochry and the beautiful Scottish countryside around there.

What brought this about was my need/want for a bit of self-care.

For the last eighteen months I’ve been following the social media of a young woman from the UK who runs Wellbeing Weekend Retreats in Scotland. This was another of those cases of, I’d love to take part in one these weekends one day, but living across the other side of the world made the logistics of doing this a little difficult. But now, that ‘one day’ has arrived, or at least it will do early next year.

I was already putting plans in place to visit northern England and Scotland and to walk the Hadrian’s Wall Path next year and, wonderfully coincidentally, the dates coincided with one of the Wellbeing Weekends. A bit of a jiggle here and there and it would fit into the itinerary.

Yay, how exciting – I got in touch with Cat from Reach for the Peak, asked a few questions, worked out the dates and the finances and decided this was likely to be my only chance so why not go for it.

Weekend booked and paid for – it’s going to happen.

Bunrannoch House

Bunrannoch House

The weekend will include some coaching, some walking, some walking coaching and some yoga, with the possibility of a glass of wine and some lovely ladies to share the weekend with.

And the bonus of all this is that the weekend is being held in a beautiful country house (just look at that photo) not far from Pitlochry so I’ll be able to revisit this place after I’ve had my weekend of me. I’ve got some fond memories of Pitlochry and the surrounding area from my last  (and only) visit when my daughters were very much younger and we dragged them around in a campervan.

If you’re in or close to the UK these are Cat’s details:



She doesn’t have next years weekend dates up yet but I can tell you that, it’s Friday 11th May 2018 – Monday 14th May 2018 🙂



Photos courtesy of: https://www.character-cottages.co.uk/all-properties/the-highlands/bunrannoch-house




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