5 revelations on the way to Everest.

Life is not about just one mountain.

Life is not about just one mountain.

My recent trek to Everest Base Camp gave me a lot of time to think.

It’s not often we get to go for days with no decisions to make and no responsibilities. For almost 3 weeks during the trek everything we did was out of our hands. Others dictated what time we would get up, when we would eat, what we would eat and how far we would walk. Our bodies dictated when we would sleep. We didn’t even have to decide what we would wear, apart from a change of undies and a clean t shirt every few days we donned the same thing every day.


It’s a rare luxury these days to have time to do nothing but think and I must admit it took a few days to adjust, to just let my mind wander. When it did relax though my mind was able to go wherever it pleased, it didn’t have to consider other people, it didn’t have to comply with any expectations and it didn’t have to stress. Consequently when it closed down for the night, it closed down.

The Himalayas for me was the ultimate in freedom to think.

With all this time to think and to contemplate what did my mind and I discover?

  1. That we need to do things at our own pace. There were 13 of us in the group, some were very fit and had trekked before, others weren’t and hadn’t. It’s no good, in trekking or in life, trying to keep up with the front runners. If you’re more comfortable in the middle of the pack or bringing up the rear that’s fine.
  2. Allow others to take control sometimes, it can be very liberating.
  3. Stepping outside your comfort zone is scary but doable – when you succeed in whatever challenge you’ve set yourself it’s the best feeling ever!!
  4. Walking in this huge landscape where the earth pushed up these mountains eons ago creating valleys and peaks, green on the lower slopes and a moonscape once above the tree line, we’re just tiny dots. So too in the grand scheme of things called life we are tiny and insignificant. Realise this and move on.
  5. Life is not about just one mountain, enjoy the experience of getting there.

When have you been able to let your mind wander?


  1. Pam, I so agree with you. Those 3weeks were one of the best times in my life,, everyday stresses disapeared, different challenges and I felt good within myself. In photos I looked so much younger. Unfortunatley back in this busy world, its hard to focus on those thoughts.
    I have put my blog into a book and waiting for it to drop in letterbox, so I can pick up and bring these memories back.

    • It’s a pity we can’t get away from the world for a few weeks every year, total isolation. Great to hear about your blog book, it’s a good idea.

  2. Once, when I cycled the Oregon coast, the first two days I made hotel reservations as it was the weekend, and Ida been out of luck without it. After that, it was pedal and enjoy till I got tired and find a spot where I could… Loved it and I need to do it again.

  3. It was great to read this article, firstly on hearing about Everest itself makes us excited on that you have shared your awesome thoughts…….

  4. I love your thoughts, the ones you had when you were a-wandering and I agree it’s times like that when we come up with our best life insights – the ones which we need to fight hard to keep in mind when we’re back to our day to day routines. Yes, it’s not about climbing one mountain, life is about the adventure getting there.

    • I just wish that I had more time for just contemplating – I guess we really have to make the time.


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