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Fishbourne Roman Palace: excavating history.

Fishbourne Roman Palace: excavating history.

Lots of years ago (2002 to be precise) I took part in an excavation of part of the Fishbourne Roman Palace in Sussex as part of my studies in Romano British history. I became enthralled with the subject and eventually went on to successfully complete a PhD in Romano...


Peaking Out: Climbing Scafell Pike

It was on my list and it needed ticking off. What other reason could there possibly have been for me climbing the highest peak in England? It was there, it needed doing and it was the finale to my month of hiking in the UK. The Hadrian’s Wall Walk was done, the...

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A Scottish Retreat

A couple of weeks ago I spent a wonderful weekend in a Victorian hunting lodge in the Scottish countryside, on a weekend wellness retreat, with a lovely group of ladies. Now I must admit this is the first retreat I’ve been on and there was a little uncertainty sitting...

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The House Sitting Lifestyle

Just as I’ve become a hiker in my sixties so I’ve also become a house sitter - both are things I never saw myself doing when I looked into my future during my earlier years. In my 20s, 30s and even 40s I’d thought my future was pretty much mapped out - children grow...

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The People We Meet

As the time gets closer to me heading off on my trip to walk the length of Hadrian's Wall and do some wild walking in the windswept Orkney Islands, I can't help but sometimes ask myself why I travel as much as I do. Why on earth do I feel compelled to wander far from...

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